The BMS Single Zone is a self-contained water leak detection and automatic water valve shut off system designed to monitor/Shut off water at individual water connections such as a tea point or a washing machine. If the Flood Stoppa detects a water leak it will automatically shut off the valve that is supplying the water and prevents any further damage. 


BMS Single Zone 

BMS GWD 4 Zone is a leak detection system has the option to connect up to 4 different water points making it ideal for protecting places where valuable equipment is stored, such as a COMMS room. Once the alarm is triggered in a certain water zone an audio-visual alarm will sound alerting you that there is a leak within that zone and it will automatically shut off the solenoid valve ensuring that no more water is leaking.


SMS Dialler  

SMS dialler Leak detection panel will will send an alert to up to 5 people including our engineers when a leak is detected. These are typically installed in a room were having a leak could be fatal such as a Comms room or an Office Computer area